Snipes Design Agency at Home Office

If you follow me or are close to me, you know that I had claimed 2020 to be the year that I opened a full design office. This office would not be in WeWork or any other co-working space, an entire office owned and operated for Snipes Design Agency. I know some of you are already in the second sentence like "Sis, you can still do it; don't let that stop you!" but COVID shifted just more than just nervousness of catching it but kids not in school and more that would have had me purchase something that I couldn't fully enjoy.

With that, I decided to pivot and take some of the money that I saved to open doors (which will still be happening when the time is right) and updated my home office. It was one of my favorite quarantine projects, and I still feel inspired every time I sit in my chair and log on.

Snipes Design Agency at Home Office

I have always been a tomboy, and I pride myself on reflecting that in my style and branding. I know there were three things that I had to have in my office:

  1. Artwork from other artists to inspire me.

  2. Storage, ALOT of storage!

  3. Empty floor space to meditate, spread out work, and for my children to trash... I mean play.

After three weeks of leaving things in my Amazon cart, wishing that Marshalls was open, and paying $99 in shipping (yes! just shipping) from IKEA, I have created a home office that I adore!


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