Is it time to seek design help?

Maybe you've been DIY-ing your brand for a while and you're trying to decide if it's time to bring in a professional. Or maybe you've worked with designers in the past and they never understood your vision or how you really wanted your brand to look and feel. Partnering with a brand designer can be a tough choice! There are some key questions to think about if you're trying to figure out if now is the right time.

What stage of business are you in?

Consider where you are in your business. Are you just starting out or you a veteran in the game? Maybe you're ready for your business to grow. Or maybe the focus of your brand has shifted and your current branding just doesn't match up anymore. Asking these types of questions can lead you in the direction of whether now is the right time to go with a professional.

Are you creative?

So many creatives start out doing their own brand designs. And there's nothing wrong with that! But sometimes it's beneficial to have an outside person really take a look at the message your brand is sending and whether it may be time for a redo.

If you're not creative, are you able to pull together marketing materials like IG designs or PowerPoint presentations in house? Are do you struggle with making a basic flyer look good? Knowing this can help gauge what you can and can’t do on your own when it comes to brand upkeep.

What industry are you in?

Some fields are more design-heavy than others. You may need more visuals to book clients in your marketing. Look at others in your industry and study their visuals. Are you in-sync with the industry standard?

What are your goals?

Where do you see your brand in five years? Ten years? It's an over-asked question but it's important to think about. If you're trying to make a six-figure business, do you brand visuals attract six-figure clients? Your brand goals can help you figure out what your future design needs are (such as a website, stationery, packaging, etc.).

Asking these questions will help you figure out when you are genuinely ready to begin your search and hire an agency or designer. Still have questions? Get the FREE "When To Seek Design" Guide to help you work through if now is the right time to hire out your brand visuals.


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