3 Reasons to Use Dubsado

In the quest to rebrand the Snipes Design Agency (formally known as CRDA), I was on a hunt for a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Tool. At the time I was sending PDF Contracts I created, having clients to print them, sign them, and then return them! I know, I know that was wayyyyy to much. THEN on top of that, I had a different platform for accounting, one for email leads and one for scheduling. All this led to random charges on my account because I was paying for all these platforms and at the end of the day.... I still felt so unorganized. Now, cut to October 2018, while rebranding my agency, my business coach told me about this platform called Dubsado. I was a little apprehensive, not because I didn't think it was needed, but because I had tried an all-in-on software called 17 Hats. Their user face (at that time, I am pretty sure they have updated) was not to my liking and you had to manually type in EVERYTHING! So, I decided to try Dubsado out and I was beyond pleased!!! The amount of tasks you can complete, the look, the support... Let's just get to it! Here are my Top 3 Reasons to use Dubsado as your CRM Tool.

Photo by Jana Bishop for Dusbsado.

1. They say money isn't everything but in business we know it is. Dubsado SAVES YOU SO MUCH MONEY! This platform serves as an invoicing system, client portal, lead magnet, recently a scheduler and much more!!! So you have the luxury of canceling multiple subscriptions and having just this one. 2. The Client Portal. This is a function I always wanted. A one stop shop for your client to see invoices, emails, tasks, contracts, almost everything! Email threads get long an tedious and very easily overlooked which is something important to me. Now, all your client has to do is log in and quickly find what they need. *Note: The client portal is only enabled by you. This is an optional function. 3. Email Grab to Work Flow! I know your like what? Dubsado allows you to grab emails by creating a lead capture form / button for your website. Once a potential client opts in you can place them in a work flow. A work flow is a sequence of automated emails that they will receive. This is a game changer because once they opt in at anytime they will be nurtured with email sequence (workflow) you create and you have to do NOTHING! Of course there are so many more selling functions than these 3 but these are the ones most important to me! They save me so much time in conducting business I have fallen in love! If you are interested in using Dubsado, feel free to use my affiliate link to save a little more! Click here!


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