3 Takeaways from Venture POP! 2018

A few weeks ago I decided to ask Instagram about upcoming conferences and the responses I received were overwhelming! I found out about the Signature CEO conference, the Cultivate and Create conference and the “Venture POP conference”! So, I excitedly clicked the link to the Venture Pop conference and found out that it’s geared towards creative business owners and entrepreneurs (LIKE ME!). Looking back at their past conferences, I saw there was a strong sense of community and lately, that’s one thing that I’ve been truly looking for.

I was stoked to hear that it would be hosted in New Orleans (which is one of my favorite places) so I knew I would have to find a way to make it work! Now, fast forward to me finding out that Venture POP and Podia.com was hosting an all-expense-paid trip to Venture POP 2018... Something in me made me apply because this conference was not one I could just let slip by. A few weeks later I found out that I had won the all-expense paid trip! I just knew it was meant to be.

Venture POP started on a Friday evening with a happy hour meet & greet that I unfortunately missed, but this gave me the time I needed to get ready and organize my thoughts for the amazing day I would have Saturday! I don't know if you guys have ever been to a conference but if you can network, learn and feel comfortable all at the same time, chances are it's an amazing conference and that is exactly what Venture POP was! I took away so many memories and new friends I thought it would be nice to share with you my top three takeaways:

#1. Halley Gray @evolveandsucced :

She is the creator of Be Booked Out, which is an 8 week program that helps service providers get booked out for months in advance. Now what attracted me to her talk besides her colorful language and her “normalism” was her transparency in business. She said a quote that will forever stay with me; “you can't just copy and paste someone else's business because you may be copying and pasting someone else's failures.” It's crazy how a quote can make you like a whole speech/talk. She then went through the 6 steps on how to market and book yourself out. I'll share one with you:

“Your website is your 24/7 salesperson.” Of course you know this to be true but everybody's website is not as clean or as easy-to-navigate as one would think. She then posed the question “how many steps does it take for a potential client to give you money on your website while you are sleep? “ Reiterating that if clients can't sign up to work with you while you’re sleep your system is broken.

This ultimately got me thinking about my current website and the inner workings. I decided to create more call to actions as well as create more booking/consultation forms for clients.

#2. Len from Podia.com:

(Note: no, I did not pick this because I won the trip but thank you again podia!) Len spoke to us about creating profitable online courses. Now we all know it takes a lot of work to create a course; however, the payoff is one that is well worth it. During his talk he explained, whatever you are the go-to person for is what you can sell for a course. And if you didn't think that was true, he then proceeded to show us a TED Talk where someone was talking and selling a course about tying shoes. Crazy Right?

This got me thinking about what most of my friends call me for… fonts, Photoshop 101, and what different file formats mean. He also instructed us on how to make sure your profit is worth your time and money. This can be done through a survey.

See example below:

Choose a topic and then ask your audience what is your experience with x topic? What’s your biggest challenge with X topic? How are you currently with those challenges?

Once you discover whether your topic has a niche or not, your next step is to outline your course. You want to know the rest of the steps? Log onto podia.com for more info.

#3. The Atmosphere:

I have only been to a couple of conferences in my design career; however, I must admit this conference was one that I felt very comfortable at. It felt good to be surrounded by peers in my field that are in all different stages of their career. The Hosts of Venture Pop, Ciera and Kristy, did a very great job of keeping it intimate and fun! This includes all of the events and after parties that would make any introvert feel comfortable (even though I'm an extrovert, lol).

I will definitely be attending this conference again next year and I know the relationships I’ve made will prosper and some new collaborations are on the horizon.

My Best,

Casey Renae


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