How I went from 3k Impressions on Pinterest to 40k+ in Two Months and so Can You!

Ok... I have always been a fan of Pinterest but never understood how to find my way around it. I’m not a consistent blogger, crafter or food expert; however, I do create some awesome designs (in my opinion) that I would love to gain traction for. So, I decided to complete a quick crash course (which included blog reading and podcast listening) to find a way to create traction.

After completing all my research and doing a little trial and error (for the last 2 months might I add) I turned my 3k a month impression to 40k+. *Mind you I still blog sparing.

This is how:

  1. First, I had to come to realization (with the help of Melyssa Griffin’s podcast) that Pinterest is a search engine like Google. Hashtags (#) do not work on this platform; this is important to remember because when I was captioning my post and repins I would use #brandingiscool or #moodboardmondays and always wondered why it was not getting picked up.

  2. So, with that in mind tip #2: Create a caption with keywords and key phrases. Instead of #moodboardmondays I now say Mood Board Mondays | Mood Board Designs | Mood Board for interior design (example). But remember, when you think of your captions think about how you would say it out loud or type it into Google.

  3. Next, link each pin! Pinterest has this beautiful feature called “Rich Pin” which means that the pin you posted has information attached to it like a link to a freebie/printable or a direct blog post. These pins tend to gain more traction and repins. Now what if you’re a designer like me and the work you want to display is not on your website yet? Still pin it and just link it to your Instagram or social media platform of choice. Don’t miss the opportunity of getting a click.

  4. Tip #4: Shhh it’s a secret! Make boards that do not directly correlate to your business and brand a secret board. When users come to your profile, they want to know or feel that you are an expert in your field. Yes, we are glad you are finally designing your dream yard but keep that to the side.

  5. Last but not least: Organize your boards. If you have brand colors that you would like to show off maybe try creating covers for each board. I personally don’t but I have seen the benefits in others. Besides covers go even deeper and lets you organize the actual board as a whole using the Pinterest feature called sections. This will take the user exactly where they want to be without feeling as though they are going down a rabbit hole.


Team work makes the dream work. Create a board that you can collaborate on with fellow designers, foodie’s, etc. In doing this, you will gain the attention of their audience which helps to quickly add content and rich pins to your profile.

So now let’s track the progress! Download the CRDA Pinterest Checklist and Goal sheet here!

I can’t wait to hear how it went.


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