The Making of a Mood Board

When beginning a project, I always like to ask myself a million questions like “Who is your ideal client?” “What are your goals?” “Who are your current competitors?” and the list goes on and on. Asking myself these questions help to bring together the bigger picture which is: your brands tone, your marketing plan, and your goals and mission.

Your brands tone can easily be read or heard just through visual elements such as type, colors or graphics. For example, if you were to see a light pink bunny graphic accompanied with cream and lavender you would assume the brand was geared towards babies and if you look even deeper it could be assumed it’s for a baby girl.

Setting the brands tone allows your brand to speak when you’re not.

One way to achieve this on your own before you hire a designer or with the help of a designer is a mood board. A mood board is an arrangement of images, materials, pieces of text, etc., intended to evoke or project a particular style or concept. (Webster)

Some things to consider when creating a mood board is:

  1. Keep your colors to 4 (maybe 5). And yes, multiple shades of a color can count as 1.

  2. Play with texture. Texture can evoke feelings. For example, feathers may exude comfort or light hearted while concrete can give off long lasting and toughness.

  3. What would you wear to visit your brand? If your brand is eluding nothing but luxury adding elements or pictures to your board such as a suite or formal gown can help to bring your board all together.

  4. Lastly, what actions can be done in your brand? This question may be proposed weird but you get it. If you brand is a gym why not add weights or a person sweating to the board? Just because the picture of a plate of food matches your color scheme does not mean that it makes sense. Got me?

CRDA Mood Boards All Rights Reserved.

Now with all this fresh in your mind let’s start to create your brands tone.

Check out the free photoshop mood board template I created for you here or if you aren’t into adobe, try Pinterest or Canva they are just as good!


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