What's In A Media Kit?

Have you ever wondered...

What do you use a media kit for?

How many pages should a media kit have?

Is a media kit interactive for print?

What content should I have in my media kit?

When should you send a media kit?

Well, think of it like this, your media kit is a resume for your company and or personal brand. It is one of those staples needed for client and customer interactions. You want to start your relationship off with a sponsor, potential client or customer by having your media kit attached to an introductory email.

In your Media Kit you want to get directly to the point and not include a lot of filler text. Keep the tone of the kit with that of your current branding such as colors and type treatments. Note *If you would like to add Terms and Conditions to your media kit utilize smaller text like on legal documents and place it all on one or two pages max.

Here are a few things you should include in your Media Kit (Personal and Business):

1. Introduce Yourself /Your Business or Both along with a headshot

*Be yourself in your introduction, if your brand is very professional display that but if your brand is very light hearted and personal show that. Just make sure you have a second pair of eyes to look over your content for grammar.

2. What clients/readers/customers can expect from your business or brand.

3. Target Market.

4. Services.

5. Contact Information

*I personally always believe that contact information should be located on its own page. This way it can be easily found and focused on. Also, I would suggest that all links and handles be interactive.


6. Testimonials

7. Press

Remember, a media kit shows consumers you’re serious about your brand! Looking serious, polished, and professional can lead to better client relationships and partnerships which means more money for you!


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