Some Terms to Live By

When I first entered into business I only had about three rules for my clients. I was not responsible for any errors in the information that you sent me, it is 50% to start and 50% once completed and Casey Renae is allowed to use your work in its portfolio. Crazy right? How was it that I went for almost two years with just those rules and thought I was going to make it as a full-fledged business? Then one day I sat down and really evaluated all the problems in my business at the time and decided to come up with some solid Terms and Conditions.

As a service provider it is very important to have Terms and Conditions that not only benefit you but also benefits your clients. It’s a fear when signing contracts that if something goes wrong that it will only be one sided and you can potentially lose money or even gain more expenses.

Now I have three pages worth of Terms and Conditions! That to some may seem like over kill but to me, in order to keep my business running to a certain standard along with weeding out clients that may not fit the CRDA Brand, it is necessary.

So what’s the real point of this post you ask? Here is a list of four Terms and Conditions (even though there are more depending upon your service) that all creatives should have:

1. Copyright and Omissions:

Any artwork, imagery, text, or other assets supplied by the Client for use in the project must be materials owned by the Client or possess suitable copyright permissions to the Client to reproduce. Casey Renae Design Agency cannot be held responsible for copyright infringement claims involving materials supplied for use by the Client.

Why is this important?

If a client decides to hand you over any pictures or video footage that was not paid for and you are unaware this keeps you from being liable or even better...sued!

2. Project Completion:

The Casey Renae Design Agency considers the design project complete upon receipt of the Client’s sign off. Other services, such as printing, contracted at the discretion of the Casey Renae Design Agency, on behalf of the Client, constitute a separate project and will be invoiced separately. The Casey Renae Design Agency is not responsible for inaccuracies and/or errors made by third-party vendors.

Why is this important?

When you provide services that can be left to "interpretation" once it leaves your hands and is displayed other ways that may not serve the clients vision, you do not want to be held responsible.

3. Refunds:

Any refund given by the Casey Renae Design Agency will be sent via PayPal within 7 to 10 business days. Any Client attempting to conduct an unauthorized PayPal refund, wherein PayPal closes the dispute in favor of the Casey Renae Design Agency, the Client will incur a $50 inconvenience fee per dispute.

Why is this important?

It is very important to let your clients /customers know that refunds are an option but through the correct channels and only if agreed upon.

4. Additional Services:

Design work not outlined in the original scope of the project proposal is considered an additional service. Dependent upon the timeframe in which the additional design work is requested, such work shall require a separate invoice or a contract revision, with signatures from both parties. Charges for additional design work will become fully payable at the time of acceptance in addition to the original design fees.

Why is this important?

We love for our clients to ask for more, however; continuously adding to an already existing project scope can delay closing as well as interfere with other projects requested. *This one is just a personal preference for the CRDA.

So now when you grab some free time, look over your contracts and your business’ Terms and Conditions to and see what you have and what you need to add. Some other great resources are Business and Legal Forms for Graphic Designers,Graphic Artist Guild Handbook, and A Surprisingly Interesting Book about Contracts.

My Best,

Casey Renae


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