I Quit My 9/5

So you want to quit your day job to pursue your daydream?

Well, this post is to let you know a little more about the Casey Renae Design Agency (CRDA) besides the fact that we are a design and branding agency located within the DMV Area and that I, Casey Renae, love to service clients male and female with entrepreneurial goals and hearts!

So note, I didn’t write this post just to tell you about how I quit my 9/5 but to also make you truly think about some things on your journey to becoming a business owner.

I graduated from SCAD (Atlanta) with my Masters in Advertising Design in 2009. Then I moved back to Maryland immediately after finishing. Unsure of where I would fit, but knew that my drive was what would help me get to where I want to go, I picked up waitressing. You thought I was going to say something amazing right? Well, it was. I turned my waitressing job into an Advertising Manager job for the establishment that I worked at by showing my designs and displaying the importance of branding to the owner and boom the job that I created was mine. I did that for about a year then I got hired at an actual advertising design agency in Bethesda, MD. I was a Junior Art Director for about 3 months and then I quit. Yes I quit! I wasn't ready for the tasks at hand and I genuinely saw myself becoming a robot. Also, in agencies like that, the same client sticks around for about a year so I was just getting bored of doing the same thing over and over again. It was like walking into work on ground hog day.

Then I began to teach Art and Technology and this is when I made the leap to full time Teacher/part time Business Owner to full time BOSS! *Note I always designed on the side during my other 2 jobs but when I started teaching this is when it got good.

So long story short, while I was teaching I knew something was missing. I truly adored those kids but I got to the point where instead of grading papers I was making edits on a logo. My purpose was off. So, I called a business friend by the name of Dominique Broadway who is a Financial Advisor and set up a meeting. I needed to know from her realistically could I quit my job. I filled out all her forms she made a budget for me and one month before school ended she gave me my verdict. The answer was No. No, it was not in my best interest to leave my job especially having a little one and with dreams of buying a home.

I was so crushed.

I made a little over $20,000 doing design part time so I just knew if I put my all into it I could make more. I respect people like Dominique because they are the ones that want you to see reality but I decided against it and wanted to try to live in purpose.

I turned in my paper work that I wouldn't be returning for the next school year and I never looked back. I saved 3 months worth of bills and rent and started my journey.

CRDA is now in its 3rd year full time! It's not an easy thing to do especially when you have people who depend on you. I'm grateful to be where I am but I still have so much work to do.

I challenge you to think about a few things before you leave your 9/5.

· Why do I want to leave? Is it for sanity and peace or is it because everyone else is

doing it so you can too?

· Was the 9 to 5 hours conducive to your life style or was it overwhelming? (Know that

owning your own at the beginning is a 24/7.)

· What are my goals in this endeavor? 3month, 6month, 1 year

· What is my plan B and C?

· If I leave will I be living in purpose?

· Can my earnings honestly support my current lifestyle?

· Am I financially equipped to take care of my current needs, emergencies and

funding for my business? (Remember, it takes money to make money.)

· Is this venture something you would be proud that you took the risk for 5 years down

the line?

I hope these questions get you thinking. Not all are meant to be entrepreneurs and that is okay. Living in purpose can happen at a 9/5. Let me know how it goes!

My Best,

Casey Renae


Phone Number: 240.681.9166    /     Email: hello@snipesdesignagency.com

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