Time for a Brand Audit?

Is it time for a brand audit?

Before you decide on a rebrand, it is important that you take a step back and look at your company as a whole. If you have been in business for over a year than this is perfect timing, especially before the new business year starts!

I know there are so many things to consider during a brand audit so where do you begin?

Let's start with your mission and values. All businesses should have them regardless if you provide a service or sell a product. This is the platform that your company should stand on.

Things to ask yourself:

· How are your mission and values holding up?

· Have your clients and customer interactions kept true to your mission and


· Have you provided service with regards to this platform?

If there has been a change in preferred clientele, that's not bad. However, the goal is for you to not have to keep changing it in the future. If you stay disciplined enough to keep on target with your ideal client than this can also eliminate rebranding.

Next up let's talk customers. This is a struggle point for most entrepreneurs and business owners. Why you ask? Because we have moments in business where things may be slow (I was guilty of this) so we decide to take on clients or target clients that we know are not ideal for our business just to keep afloat.

I'm going to give you one good reason why this is not good for business:

Birds of a feather flock together so if you do amazing (which you should always strive to do) then chances are they will want to refer you out. That referral 9.5 times out of 10 it will be to someone that is also not your ideal client so the cycle just continues.

If you had a client target in mind but after sometime in business you just don't think it was a good fit, create a new one. Sometimes this alone may cause you to have to rebrand. Occasionally minor edits in verbiage and advertisement can remedy this as well.

Note* I don't mean to over whelm you. I just want you to think over some things then go through a whole unnecessary rebrand.

Okay let's get back to it.

Now, let’s discuss design.

What is your color palette really saying? Here are some questions to ask about your color palette: (You can learn more about the importance of your palette by checking out the Color Guide by CRDA)

· Are the colors that you currently have based off trends in your market or

because you just like them?

· What emotions are your current palette displaying?

· What colors are your competitors using?

Logo Design

This could literally take DAYS…

My best advice for this is to actually consult with a designer about your design. Small note, try to stay away from current font trends to ensure that your logo has longevity. It is also important that your logo correlates to the correct target market.

For example, you would never see a cursive word and flowers used for a digital company.

Now you have it, a few of my tips to keep in mind when considering a rebrand for your business.

BUT are you still little unsure if you need to rebrand your business after reading this? Feel free to schedule a brand audit with CRDA today!

My Best,

Casey Renae


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