Have you ever wanted to learn Illustrator but get lost in the books and need more than just a YouTube video? You can register now for the Snipes Design Agency one on one Illustrator CC for Beginners course! Includes two 90 minute Zoom sessions. 

Casey Renae Design Agency has created this workbook to help bring individuals and small businesses branding to the forefront. This workbook was formed to force one to think as well as conduct research but we promise it will all be worth it! Brand recognition is what we all strive for and in this workbook we will help you discover how to define your target audience, find out what distinguishes you from your current competitors, and create your personal/business brand profile. 

Branding your social media presence is just as important as branding your website. In less than a second, visitors decide if they want to follow you, or forget they ever hit your profile. Knowing this puts a lot of pressure on you to engage potential followers, clients, and customers. You’re probably asking, “What can I do to entice my ideal audience to follow my business and interact with me on social media?” 

In a time where social media is the key to access and brand visibility, the more tools you have at your disposal, the better. We know you can use Canva or other online tools, but why risk having your content look like everyone else’s when you can create something authentic? Choosing to learn PhotoShop to help with your social media can be a huge game-changer.

In this workbook, we will break down how colors are portrayed, the feelings that they provoke, and how shade can be the difference between commercial and luxury. Additionally, you will find a bonus color combination sheet to help inspire you for your branding journey.

As owners of small businesses,  we are quick to run to social media and spread the word assuming that we will gain automatic traction. This theory in itself is a hit or miss. Traction is not created through the fact that we love our product or service if that was the case everyone who is passionate would be a millionaire. The traction that we seek is based on the number of followers we have, the engagement we are willing to do, and how strong our visuals are. Again, this guide or e-book (call it what you may) is not to discredit the power of social media put explore other avenues.


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